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TrackCore SameDay Case Study


Revamps its Bill-Only 
Purchase Order Process by Leveraging the TrackCore SameDay Software

The TrackCore

In 2014, Cone Health partnered with TrackCore, Inc. with a successful implementation at The Moses H. Cone Memorial Hospital which led to TrackCore’s expansion across the entire network. The project resulted in a consistent, compliant, enterprise workflow to manage biologic tissues and implantable medical devices. Shortly thereafter, Cone Health invested in TrackCore’s integrated RFID storage solutions for enhanced security and visibility of their high-cost inventory.


With tissue compliance managed, Cone Health redirected its focus towards improving another critical workflow in the hospital supply chain; the process surrounding physician preference, same-day delivered implants, commonly known as “Bill-Only”.

Between 2019 - 2022, Cone Health
issued more than 


purchase orders with over 

unique suppliers.


These purchase orders included
more than 


individual line items

all manually keyed into the
hospital's ERP system that totaled


The team managing these orders certainly identified areas of improvement, noting that some of their key workflow gaps and frustrations were:

  • Supplier paperwork missing key information such as patient and case identifiers, or supplier contact information.

  • Errors such as incorrect catalog numbers or quantities being provided on supplier paperwork.

  • Significant time spent:

    • researching item numbers against supplier paperwork

    • verifying clinical charts against supplier paperwork

    • validating pricing provided on supplier paperwork

  • scanning and emailing paperwork to the purchasing department

  • manual data entry of purchase orders and requisition line items.

  • calls and emails from suppliers inquiring about purchase orders or discussing purchase order to invoice discrepancies.

The high cost of implants and supplies that comprise bill-only orders can quickly result in payment discrepancies for the hospital, something that Cone Health frequently experienced. Further the FTE’s time spent auditing this process has considerable financial impact on the hospital. Cone Health estimated that nearly $92,000 per year was spent on FTE hours manually processing bill-only purchase orders.

Hospital Task

Hours Spent


Entering PO Lines
into Lawson



Reviewing Supplier
Invoices, Pricing, Cross-
Referencing Epic Chart



Following up with 
Suppliers and Nurses



Hours Spent




Preparing paperwork
and scanning/emailing
Purchasing Department





Communicating PO 
Status to Suppliers



Adding New Items 
to Lawson




The simple reality
is that auditing 
purchase order
request forms, 
reviewing patient
sticker sheets and
other manual 
documents is
archaic, and far 
too often results 
in overpayments 
and lost EHR charges
by the hospital.

*Average wages provided by for Surgical Buyers in the state of NC.

TrackCore SameDay empowers hospitals to better manage bill-only orders by seamlessly connecting the ERP and EHR records, reducing contract compliance issues, improving communication between the clinician, supplier, and supply chain personnel, and automating the purchase order entry process.

The SameDay workflow provides a seamless transition of information from the clinician’s chart to the supplier, and then back from the supplier to the hospital. Electronically recording approvals, noting charges, and highlighting discrepancies along the way.


From 2018 - 2020, Cone Health agreed to serve as a pilot for the SameDay

application, rolling the solution out to Moses Cone Hospital, and then later expanding to each of its affiliates and surgery centers. The scope included several integrations with the hospital’s EHR and ERP systems, each uniquely designed to bridge the communication gaps between the clinical chart, supplier paperwork, and supply chain data entry processes.


A high-volume supplier was chosen for the pilot, including three unique business units representing their spine, ortho, and craniomaxilofacial specialties. The pilot expanded to roughly 25 suppliers at Moses Cone Hospital before gradually expanding to more than 85 suppliers across the network.

In 2020, Moses
Cone Hospital issued a mere 300 PO’s to 4 unique suppliers and had an average delivery lead time of 6.9 days.

In 2022, more

than 1,700 PO’s

were issued to

10 unique

suppliers, and

those lead times

were reduced

to 3.6 days.

In just the first half of 2023, ConeHealth issued more than 1,700 PO’s to 20+ unique suppliers and their average lead time has dropped to 3 days.

The Cone Health team has noted

several efficiencies gained through the

implementation of TrackCore SameDay,

stating that it helped enable remote access to the data for both the hospital and suppliers involved, it reduced time spent creating and auditing requisitions, and it provided a consistent process for all employees and facilities to follow.

The team noted that the supplier's role in the bill-only process has evolved to provide more accountability, more consistency, better visibility, faster turnaround times, and the ability to build a team atmosphere. Bill-only procedure volumes are projected to grow significantly over the next 5-10 years, placing a stronger emphasis on building and improving supplier relationships.

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