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Why TrackCore?

TrackCore, Inc. is the industry leader in tissue and implant management. TrackCore Operating Room has been implemented in over 1,100 hospitals, nationwide, with over 900 RFID units installed.  

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TrackCore Products

TrackCore, Inc. continues to invest in its products to deliver you a suite of solutions for each of your hospital's needs.

Operating Room

Compliantly track all Biologic Tissue and Implantable Medical Devices to satisfy bi-directional traceability standards using three unique modules.

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Automate the bill-only

process between hospitals and vendors for physician preference, special-order products.


Interventional + 
Warranty Tracking

Control cost, eliminate outdates, monitor recalls, and improve charge capture visibility for CCL/IR areas.

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RFID Enclosures

RFID cabinets fully integrate with TrackCore's Software products to provide hospitals with an efficient method for managing Biologic tissue and high-value surgical products.

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"TrackCore hasn't let me down. We love it because it takes most of the human error out of the equation. During our most recent Joint Commission survey, they asked to see our tissue tracking process and within minutes the TrackCore software proved full compliance. The dashboard and reporting tools provide a quick way to show full chain of custody, vendor credentials, expiration warnings and more."

- Jason Merrill 

Mississippi Hospital

- A TrackCore Customer 


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West Virginia University Medical Center

WVU realized increased workflow efficiencies and reduced product waste with a TrackCore and RFID implementation.

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Increased visibility, decreased time spent on data entry, decreased waste and product loss, expiration and recall accuracy. 

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Two US Hospitals Implement TrackCore with Integrated RFID Enclosures

Within months, Medical City Dallas was able to reduce wastage from lost inventory by $85,000.

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