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TrackCore's Take on Featured Article Leaders, Our Thought. “Automating Implant Orders: A Turning Point in Healthcare’s Digital Transformation.”

In the dynamic landscape of healthcare, where advancements in medical technology drive the demand for surgical implants, TrackCore SameDay emerges as a crucial solution to address the challenges outlined in the featured article. As the implantable device market is projected to reach $166.3 billion by 2032, the need for digital transformation in healthcare becomes evident. The featured article sheds light on the challenges surrounding implant orders, with consigned inventory models representing 10 percent of all purchase orders and accounting for 40 to 60 percent of supply chain spend. Shockingly, only a small fraction of this expenditure is currently automated due to the complexities inherent in consignment implant orders.

TrackCore SameDay serves as a pivotal tool in streamlining and automating the process of implant orders. The statistics mentioned in the article, such as up to 40 percent of a buyer's time being spent on order processing and exception management, resonate with the challenges TrackCore SameDay aims to address. By fully integrating with EHR and ERP systems, the software optimizes the bill-only process surrounding biologic and nonbiologic implants and related supplies, offering an immediate ROI and time savings. TrackCore SameDay not only automates a previously manual process but also ensures agility in software deployment alongside existing supply chain solutions.

The article highlights the importance of collaboration and standardization in healthcare processes. TrackCore SameDay aligns with this by providing a comprehensive solution that prevents payment errors, eliminates manual paper records, and enhances charge capture within the EHR. The software's ability to provide instant product validation from Vendor Reps and offer PO status updates automatically contributes to the industry's collective effort to break free from the status quo.

As the healthcare industry faces the challenges of increasing surgical volumes and the growth of ambulatory surgery centers (ASCs), the statistics predicting the ASC market's growth to $59.3 billion by 2028 become particularly relevant. TrackCore SameDay, with its agile software deployment and ability to record detailed change history for auditing and reporting purposes, positions itself as a foundational element in driving savings, visibility, and efficiency across hospital procurement and supplier fulfillment departments. In essence, TrackCore SameDay becomes a key component in the industry's broader mission of digital transformation, offering a comprehensive solution to the complexities outlined in the article.


Leaders, Our Thought. “Automating Implant Orders: A Turning Point in Healthcare’s Digital Transformation.” Healthcare IT News, 28 Nov. 2023,




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