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TrackCore SameDay "Repairing Supply Chain"

The article “Addressing HealthCare Supply Chain Disruptions” discusses the impact of challenges in the healthcare supply chain, emphasizing the need for healthcare providers to adapt and embrace new tools and methods to mitigate these challenges. It sheds light on the vulnerabilities faced by healthcare providers in the wake of disruptions caused by events like COVID-19, extreme weather, and supply shortages. It emphasizes the importance of embracing change and integrating new tools and methods to enhance supply chain resilience.

In this context, TrackCore SameDay emerges as a solution tailored to meet the pressing needs of healthcare supply chain management. TrackCore SameDay is a solution designed to seamlessly manage Bill-Only inventory in hospitals, which represents a growing trend in healthcare, nationwide. It significantly reduces the manual efforts that are commonly associated with Bill-Only procedures and supports a remote workforce to help streamline the procurement process and eliminate the risk of bill-only overpayments.

TrackCore SameDay offers numerous benefits aligning perfectly with the challenges discussed in the article. It excels in improving communication with suppliers, simplifying clinical and supply chain review, enabling remote support and visibility, and reducing hospital to supplier lead times. This system not only streamlines operations but also ensures that hospitals can avoid overpayments, therefore addressing the need for cost-effective solutions.

Kramer, Megan. “Repairing the Supply Chain - Healthtrust - Performance Improvement for Healthcare.” HealthTrust, 19 Oct. 2023.

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