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Total Joint Procedure Volumes Continue to Rise in America

Total Joint procedure volumes continue to rise in America! This is great news for patients, but it can be a scary reality for the Hospital Supply Chain.

The fact is that managing same-day, physician preference implants continues to be a hurdle for many of our nation’s top hospitals. These high-cost products can quickly result in payment discrepancies when the clinicians’ record, vendor record, and purchasing contract don’t align. Supply Chain’s process of auditing hand-written vendor PO request forms, patient sticker sheets and other manual documents is archaic, and far too often results in overpayments and lost EHR charges.

TrackCore’s latest solution, conveniently named TrackCore SameDay, offers a fresh approach to this common problem. SameDay helps to connect the EHR and ERP records to reduce contract compliance issues, improve communication between the clinician, vendor rep, and supply chain personnel, and automate the purchase order process.

Below is an article from AORN Outpatient Surgery that discusses this same topic.

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